Map2Bitmap will convert a map file into a bitmap. I originaly got the idea when I saw Thunderwolf's town builder. I decided to help other people trying to make editors too. The code I was using for my editor was easy to copy into another program and worked first off.

30 May 2008 - Updated to 0.7. Now renders map objects (trees) The way paramieters are used is differant so read the instructions!

12 December 2007 - Updated to 0.6. This fixes many bugs including: Missing a row when loading maps, Incorrect tiles displayed with maps made with Qage's editor, New easier interface for loading the whole map.

9 December 2007 - Inital release 0.5. Most recent version for 40X40 pixel tiles. Most recent version for 16X16 pixel tiles. Most recent version for 1X1 pixel tiles. (minimap size) Old version for 40X40 pixel tiles. Old version for 16X16 pixel tiles. Old version for 40X40 pixel tiles. Old version for 16X16 pixel tiles.

LIB Decoder

This program will edit the LIB files in data/misc. They contain all of the game text so you may use this program to make new translations etc.
If you'd like more information and change logs, then I suggest you check out the forum thread for it here
WARNING: It is risky to use other peoples LIB files as they might be using a differant patch/language. Before sending a LIB file to someone or installing someone elses, make sure you are both using the same patch or it could have serius issues!

7 March 2009 - Updated to version 0.8.2 You can now choose the character set, which means that Spanish, Polish, German, etc. characters can all be made to display using the correct setting. Unfortunatly, Russian fonts still will not display correctly, I think because the Russian KaM has a custom character set.

24 August 2008 - Updated to version 0.8.1 A major bug fixed that resulted in KaM crashing if the first string was blank. (Dutch edition has this)

8 August 2008 - Updated to version 0.8. A lot of changes in this editition, and many bugs fixes too. I highly recomend upgrading.

29 July 2008 - Updated to version 0.7.1. A few serius issues have been fixed, check the forum for a full change log.

30 May 2008 - Started the website with version 0.6.5 Most recent version