The mission editor is no longer being developed. My latest Knights and Merchants project is the KaM Remake, a complete remake of the Knights and Merchants engine from scratch, aiming to improve it and add new features. Please download the latest version and give it a try!
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Lewin. October 2011.

I have been playing knights and merchants for as long as I can remember. Recently I found Litude's Fan Site and Kroms map editor. However, there was no mission editor (for placing units, buildings, etc.) so I decided to make one myself. Going on Litude's documentation on the mission files I have build an editor that decodes the files, lets you edit them as text and save them. I am currently working on a GUI.

3 March 2009 - Sorry for not updating this sooner, I've been busy recently. 0.9 has been release with troops displaying on the map. I have also sent the petition for the release of the KaM, 368 people signed it. Plus the christmas competition got 7 entries and results will be released soon.

26 November 2008 - It's a big day here, 0.8.5 has been released PLUS the petition to release the KaM source code has now been offically opened!.

15 September 2008 - 0.8 has been released. This version fixes many bugs and upgrading is highly recommended.

13 July 2008 - 0.6.8 has been released and it fixes a huge memory leak. I highly recommend you upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

27 June 2008 - 0.6 is now available for download. Performace has been fixed a lot. Go download it!

If you are interested here's how you can help:
EDIT: (March 2011) Actually, I've stopped working on the mission editor and do not need anymore help. I am now working on the KaM Remake which will include a mission and map editor built into it. Thank you for your interest.


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