3 March 2009 - Troops are now placed and displayed graphically. Added some new commands/parameters and fixed some bugs. Released as 0.9

26 November 2008 - Added AI defence positions graphically, corrected the way AI attacks are used, added support for messages in goals and also fixed a few bugs. Released as 0.8.5.

15 September 2008 - Fixed lots of bugs reported by kuba11100. Should be far more stable now. Added map panning with right click and graphical display of AI Start Position. Released as 0.8.

17 July 2008 - Fixed a crash bug that occurred when you try to edit Clear Ups in the treeview. Clear up (reveal map) and center screen are now displayed/placed graphically. Released as 0.7.

13 July 2008 - Fixed a huge memory leak that should improve performance as well. Added the ability to place animals and units graphically. German translation is now fully up to date, but none of the others are. Released as 0.6.8.

27 June 2008 - Fixed many bugs and improved performance greatly. Some translations are fully up to date. (German, Russian and Dutch) Released as 0.6.

7 May 2008 - Now has a partially working GUI. you can place villages on the map, but nothing else. Translations are not up to date. Released as 0.5.

7 March 2008 - You now edit mission files in a tree view. This is much easier than as text. This version also includes more 'complete' multiplayer support. Released as 0.4 Beta

27 November 2007 - There are now the following translations: German, Polish, Dutch and Bosnian. There is also a help file, that explains about scripting. Released as 0.2

1 November 2007 - EVERY SINGLE COMMAND IS FINNISHED!! Lots of other stuff too. The next version will have a help file and translations. Released as version 0.1.7

21 October 2007 - New buttons work including add group (finally!). The replace dialog now works as well. Lots of little bugs and features. Released as version 0.1.6

16 October 2007 - Lots of AI new buttons now work. You can pass a file to open as the parameter. Lines can be indented and edit line still works. Released as version 0.1.5

11 October 2007 - Lots of new buttons now work including goals!! Thanks Dark Lord for the help. Added a main menu and the new button automatically sets the basic stuff. Added new screenshot. Released as version 0.1.4

7 October 2007 - Lots of new buttons now work. Small bugs/fixes. Released as version 0.1.3

2 October 2007 - Now keeps track of the file you are editing. The edit button also works (CTRL+E) and so does Unit at storehouse. Added Syntax highlighting. Released as version 0.1.2

28 September 2007 - Added buttons with icons, dialogs and file loading/saving.