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25-Dec-2010 - Merry Christmas!
Today I added the 100th mission to the site! I'm very exicted by this, never before has there been such a huge collection of fan made KaM missions in one place. This site started as a small sketch of an idea on paper, and has grown into a popular site used by hundreds of KaM fans from around the world. Keep up the good work by creating, playing and giving feedback on missions.
The 100th mission is titled "Five Brothers -  The Uprising" and it's made by PW90. It looks really good, so why not give it a try?

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Unknown d campaign again and moved files manually, but it didn't help

The Dark Lord - 17 Feb 2009

Ok then - I'll have a look into it soon, but I can't imagine what can be wrong.

Matt - 23 Mar 2009

This is the Best Campaign i have played. I had trouble with the last 3 build scenarios. They continued to crash. I really want to play those ones to so I can say that i defeated it. Besides that, very cool maps. not to hard (so far) as i passed most first attempt.
QUESTION - In the mission where you have to protect your allies castle I lost because my ally destroyed the enemies important buildings. Is that how it was meant to work?

Ben - 14 Apr 2009

I started over some time ago. I will tell you how it goes.
Right now I'm on mission 5. I won 3 with only my beginning troops 0.0

Nicolae - 24 Apr 2009

Wow! Thats a high rating!

Daan - 28 May 2009

In mission 16 the trees won't grow. No trees: no buildings. Am I the only one with this problem or could this be fixed??

The woodcutters do plant new trees but they won't grow larger.

I hope someone can help me with this because it is a brilliant campaign. A bit frustating sometimes, but that is problaby a good thing.

Soja - 22 Jul 2009

I know that some time passed, but let me answer Daan's post.

Trees won't grow if woodcutters plant them far south, am I right?
The same problem occurs with plough fields and wine.
That is propably Kroma Editor's fault, which enables to make very large maps(larger than expected in original KaM).
I had the same problem in mission 16, my solution was just not to build woodcutter's houses and farms far south...

- 23 Jul 2009

Hey, what editor did you use to make your maps with?

Ben - 23 Jul 2009

That last comment was made by me.

Nuutburz - 14 Aug 2009

Hello to all! Help me, I am from Russia. Sorry for my bed english.
I can't play this campaign in russian version because it doesn't contain the shattered kingdom campaign.
So, i downloaded an english version. When i pasted folders "misc" and "mission" in "data" folder and starts playng "the new lands campaign" the first mission wasn't first. It was 16!
Then I have changed in places mission1.dat and a mission16.dat.
Then I stared the game and it finally was a first mission from "The new Lands Campaign.
I have passed the first mission, but it was followed 2 mission from shattered kingdom campaign!!!
HELP me, please!!!!
I hope, you have understood me!

Nuutburz - 14 Aug 2009

I mean, after first mission followed second mission from the shattered kingdom campaign

The Dark Lord - 15 Aug 2009

Krom's MapEditor of course. ;)

I suggest you download it again and try to swap the files again as well - something must have gone horribly wrong.

Chanko! - 21 Aug 2009

Hi!! I finished the 11 mission and then start the 12 and go to window!!
Help me please!!

The Dark Lord - 25 Aug 2009

For everyone experiencing crashes when attempting to start the next mission: I'm afraid I can not help you. You see, if it would be an error in the script, everyone should have the same problems. For me everything works fine. That's why I can't fix it: how can you solve a problem when you can't see it?

Maybe it depends on your version... Maybe certain versions of KaM handle scripts different. Just guessing, seems highly unlikely though.

All I can say (and I have said it too many times already) is: download and try again...

Good luck.

Marco - 25 Aug 2009

I had the same with mission 12, but sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn't work.

Everytime that I read the story it works, and when I didn't read the story it crashes.

It sounds stupid, but maybe it works.

Judy S. - 26 Oct 2009

awesome awesome awesome awsome awsome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awsome awsome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awsome awsome awesome awesome campaign.


i like this campaign

Sergeix - 7 Jan 2010

i just started to play this and its great, dark lord you should make more of those campains!!!

Ben - 9 Jan 2010

@ Sergeix

I too wish that he would make another campaign, but I have learned through experience that making a campaign longer then 6 missions is really hard. It can take months.

The Dark Lord - 9 Jan 2010

Just be patient... Who knows? ;)

Max - 23 Jan 2010

great campain but i also crashed at 12 =[ but other than that... awsome!!! i realy hope you make another one =D

Stephen - 25 Mar 2010

Just downloaded it, because I'm stuck at TPR mission 8 or 9. Looking for a brilliant campaign, and boy! I just found one! Just started playing the first 3 levels though. Great job, The Dark Lord!

Stephen - 30 Mar 2010

Oh well, my game stuck on mission 11 as well. =( Would like to know how the campaign end. Haha. But it's fantastic anyway! Most of them are actually pretty hard and challenging!

Ben - 31 Mar 2010

11 is the best mission...

petike HUN - 17 Apr 2010

hove to unpack??

Stephen - 18 Apr 2010

When you download the file, unpack it using WinZip or WinRar and to play the maps, read the Readme (text file). The instructions are there. Happy playing.

Nils - 10 May 2010

Can someone help me with lvl 7?
The barricade.

wayne - 12 Jun 2010

how do you do mission six. i can't even get close to victory

wayne again . - 14 Jun 2010

please help me with mission 6 ... going crazy

Hristo - 14 Jun 2010

This is very... very... very... very... very... very... good campaign.

Niels - 19 Jun 2010

I had the same crashes. Installing patch 1.58 solves the problem for me.

Jan H. - 26 Jul 2010

I am now in mission 10 and I have to say only one: This campaign is excellent. Much better than official TPR campaign.

Peter S - 7 Aug 2010

Hi, I've tried to play this campaign but it doesn't work here :(. When I start the game all the names of things like campaing and options are called like "nnledslenlsldls" orso. Than I press the button on the place of the first campaign and it works for like 7 seconds or just 1 if i select a building. After that it will close to window and give me a message with " send message " and " Don't send message ". I don't know what to do, please help.

I've done the installation of those missions on 2 diffrents computers both with windows XP and done it like it says in the readme that I downloaded with it.

Though the 7 seconds I saw looked verry good. Nice for once that you start with a village with is surounded by water :) nice work!

oh and I'm Dutch (i don't know of it's relevant)

Lewin - 8 Aug 2010

Hi Peter,
If you saw the village then the mission and map file are loading correctly. My guess is that there is a problem loading the text files, possibly you have a Unicode edition of the game. (some of the Dutch versions were Unicode for some reason)

To make the campaign run on the Unicode version simply don't install the text changes (the .LIB files that go under the "misc" folder) The only files you will need are the .DAT and .MAP files found under "mission". However before you do this you will need to restore the original text files. If you didn't keep a backup before you replaced them then you should reinstall your game.

The other option is to convert your game from the Unicode edition to the normal edition. (there is no advantage to the Unicode version) To do that download and install the Service Release 3 1.60 patch:
go here for information about it and download links or here is a direct link to the latest Dutch version. (beta 7) The file is about 37 MB.
If you have a legal Dutch version of the game it should install easily and update your game as well as converting it to non-Unicode. You may also find that many bugs have been fixed :) After doing that the text files that come with this campaign should install and run without any problems.

Hope this fixes your problem, let me know if you want further help!

Ben - 21 Aug 2010

i like the ORIGINAL story better. The one before the first full non-beta release that is (ones you read when not in game). Can I still get it? Please...

Jan H. - 16 Sep 2010

After playing this campaigne I am about to say that it is the best fun-made work I have ever seen (I play KAM 9 years). Special compliment for the terrain - simply excellent. Nevertheless, one "admonishment" : In all missions except one the AI player stopped building own city after some minutes. I know very well it is bug, but it would be better in my opinion not to allow the AI building. Also because the city-construction system is very complexive and Ai simply cannot be so clever to build really operating city. Bye! :)

Jan H. - 16 Sep 2010

Last issue - in mission 16 the enemies probably should have more defence positions or less soldiers or something like this. In my game, "the drunk soldiers bug" occured after 1:15 game-time. Really annoying.

The Dark Lord - 16 Sep 2010

Thanks for your comment, Jan. I know about the drunk soldiers in mission 16, yet that bug should occur later, not on 1:15 (as far as I remember). If you replaced the .lib files (so you got new ingame messages and briefings), you will get a message after some time which tells you that it is time to strike back. That is actually just a warning: if you don't attack, the bug will occur. Strange that they went drunk so fast in your game.

I suggest just to wait for the remakes. Hopefully those won't have this bug!

@Ben: I'll take a look if I can find it.

KnightsaMerchants - 11 Dec 2010

Mission 10-
They attack so often and i don't have any troops they attack at 37 minutes when im buildings my buchs etc... I really cant do this Please PLEASE!
Help please!

Nicolette - 14 Dec 2010

Hello, i have problems with last mission. After i finally managed to win early fight and even help my ally and save him,about 10 minutes later (00:22) game crashes. Not only once,but every single time. Could anyone help me,please?

Nicolette - 18 Dec 2010


The game itself crashes from time to time,maybe it just doesnt like me...But on this mission it always happens. At specific time...tried to read whats that in description of the error,but found out nothing that could be understood by anyone else than 00110010010010100010 freak

Hannes - 18 Dec 2010

Hi Nicolette,
because your "please Help" here some Hints to mission 10:
After the initial fights I had left 4 Crossbowman, 4 Pikemen, 2 Axefighter.
After the initial fights I sent a Crossbowman to west to curl thin enemy to attack the castle. After that, bring the crossbowman back to the village to eat and then send the Crossbowmen and the Pikemen again to the castle to help our friends to defend the east side of the Castle against the knights. After that you must defend our village against the north enemy. Build 2 farms in the narrow and a few watchtowers south of them.
So, I think this sould be help enough. Perhaps the importend thing is: The people in the castle are our frends and not our enemy's!

The Dark Lord - 19 Dec 2010

@Nicolette: Do you use F8 often/all the time? As far as I know this induces random crashes.

Purple - 19 Dec 2010

Really mission 10 is imposible!!
Around 40 minutes, i have two watch towers 4 crossbow men.
They pass the towers, 10 men die. They destroy the storehouse. Leave.
NO more gold.
See that? Doomed.
Both of your stratedgys didin't work.
The missions imposible.
I dunno if you guys did the cheat where 1-4
2- 1 5
3-1 5
5-3 Fish. Automatic win. But i actually wanna complete them mission. But i spent over two weeks on this mission trying over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
It's imposible! They don't retreat to they destroy the storehouse!

Purple - 19 Dec 2010

And i check this everyday. Even before school.
It disapoints me. Such a great program So many non-active users! Why?!

The Dark Lord - 19 Dec 2010

Calm down a little.

First of all, they WILL retreat if you block their way with soldiers (and of course they must have lost some soldiers in battle or by watchtowers). Also, do you really expect to hold off an attack with 2 watchtowers and 4 crossbowmen? I don't know how you spend your time, but you should be able to build more in 40 minutes. What about a town hall? Tried that before? Make some cheap units, place them between your towers and you're done.

Jan H. - 20 Dec 2010

To Purple: Man, you must have more than 2 watchtowers, I had, as I remember, 7-10. You are really naïve.

I've tried all of these stratedgys. - 20 Dec 2010

Purple- I've tried all of these. For heaven sakes i have had 7 towers before. I attack them with my units like you say dark lord, THey kill them. Send half back. Send the rest to my watch towers. I don't know how you guys did it i really don't. I've tried all of these stratedgys you guys listed.

The townhall idea.
Sure thing!
Oh wait.... 100 gold.
And low food.
And the gold viens are all the way over there. What? There attack durring building time? Wait my rebels will retreat them. There dead. What?? Aren't they supossed to retreat and rebuild? What? Why.. isn't it working?

Purple - 20 Dec 2010

I don't mean to sound like an ass.
But really i've tried all of these.
It makes me mad.
I've been trying to complete this one mission for three weeks! I mean durring the time when i give up i can easily complete and TSK mission, Mission 12 i'm on right now. I haden't had any trouble with the campaign till now.

The Dark Lord - 20 Dec 2010

Okay I will explain it very clearly.

The AI works like this: if it attacks with 60 soldiers and loses 5 during the attack, it will retreat and attack again when it has 60 again. But this only works if you made EVERY GROUP engage a battle with your soldiers or servants. So if you just send one soldier to the lance carriers, the lance carriers will retreat but the others won't. This works always, and if you say it does not, I just won't believe that. Also it is possible to hold off the whole attack.

Good luck.

Purple - 20 Dec 2010

Thank you for all your help, and consideration.
I will no longer comment here, nor the forum. I'm clearly not wanted here. Hope to see you later, Thank you for your help. Hope i didin't sound like a boss and your the serveant. I really didint

Peter S - 31 Jan 2011

Hi Lewin,

I really want to thank you for helping me out in August 2010. In August I had given up on KaM and I forgot about my post on this forrum. Now it's already 2011 and I feeled like playing KaM again and than I thought about this forum and I saw that you posted me an answer. Everything you said was right and after I downloaded and installed the link and it was working perfectly.

Thanks a lot; I am really sorry for not posting an answer before.

Greets, Peter

Lewin - 1 Feb 2011

Hi Peter S,
I'm really glad that it worked for you! Thanks for replying, I like to hear success stories :)
Please contact me if you have any further issues.

Fuzzy Wuzzy - 11 Mar 2011

Hi all. I love this game, I play it since 2000. I think, but my game stops working after mission 11. I passed it after 7 attempts :) So, is there a way to download mission 12 and other missions after mission 11 separately? I tried many times, but after the story, black screen comes, and It crashes.

P.S. Please tell me what to do if any of these 2 bugs appear:
1. When I click to make a road, the X marks disappear after a second or 2
2. Sometimes serves don't bring wood or stone to the construction site. Sometimes both wood and stone, sometimes one of them. (I got resources, and the road is correct)

Thank you, and please help me how to continue mission 12 of this wonderfull campaign :)

The Dark Lord - 12 Mar 2011

Hi Fuzzy,
Good to hear you like my campaign. Many people experience problems with mission 12. But since it works fine for me, I can't fix it... It's really strange.
Here is how to skip mission 12: simply delete mission12.dat from \mission. Start mission 12. You will see a black screen, and you will win immediately after. Now you can continue with mission 13 (and you can place mission12.dat back in \mission).
Good luck, and I'm sorry about mission 12!

Lewin - 12 Mar 2011

I decided to investigate the mission 12 bug myself. I deleted missions 1-11 then started the campaign. Sure enough, when it attempted to load mission 12 KaM crashed!

I renamed mission12.dat to mission1.dat and started the campaign again. The mission loaded fine. So it is something to do with it being stored as mission 12. I thought it might be the briefing, but the briefing loads fine, it's when the mission starts, the entire screen goes black. It could still be the briefing though. I noticed someone reported this bug for Raiding Party too! Maybe it's effects all KaM campaigns, there is something special about mission 12? Perhaps in the original campaign mission 12 has some special script or a special condition that fan-made missions do not have?

I haven't seen this bug before and I'm not sure how to solve it. However, here is a work around for everyone that wants to play mission 12: rename mission12.dat to mission0.dat (delete the existing mission0.dat first) This stores it as the tutorial mission. Then, when you win mission 11 it will skip mission 12 and go on to mission 13. Once you are in mission 13, save the game, then exit and start the tutorial. The tutorial will now be mission 12. Once you have won, load your save of mission 13 and continue the campaign from there.

@The Dark Lord: Have you tried loading mission 12 in the correct order, by skipping all of the other missions? The bug seems to be caused by that only. I'm curious as to whether this is language/version specific, or if it happens for everyone.

Fuzzy Wuzzy - 13 Mar 2011

I can't tell you if it's working now, because I started " The Western world" campagin yesteday :D I will tell you if mission 12 of "The new lands" works the way you described (sounds promising heheh) in a few days. The 2. campaign by The dark lord is also awesome. Man, you have golden hands!

Fuzzy Wuzzy - 17 Mar 2011

There is a bug on the last mission. There is like 50% chance that an ally won't build any structures after the school. Same situation, no attack, he just trains about 15 serves and 5 laborers but they don't build a base.


The Dark Lord - 17 Mar 2011

I know, but there isn't a solution. Let's wait for one of the remakes... :p

Fuzzy Wuzzy - 17 Mar 2011

Yeah, as if someone except us few old timers wants to play this nice game anymore :D

Tell me something about the last mission. I constantly come in some crazy situations. Is it normal that corn doesn't want to grow at some places? The farmer came, spread the seed and it doesn't grow at all :/

The Dark Lord - 17 Mar 2011

Yes, mission 16 is bugged. There are 3 major problems:
- As you already stated, your ally often doesn't build.
- The map is 196x196, which is not supported by KaM. That's why the corn (and wine, for that matter) doesn't grow in the south and east.
- It is likely that the enemy's soldiers get drunk after some time (after a certain message telling you that it is time to attack. If you don't, it will soon happen).
Did you finish mission 11 by the way? If you did, you shouldn't be in trouble with 9 TWW. :o

Fuzzy Wuzzy - 20 Mar 2011

I finished 11. mission after 5-6 attempts (I always started trying to destroy the bottom right enemy, but top right enemy can be killed with starting army).

But check this now, my dear Dark lord: I just managed to survive till 1:40 (mission 16, TNL), I planted corn by that big rock, I managed to play with my ally building base, WHEN suddenly some shit happened. Towers won't fire stones on the soldiers from the eastern base >/ They just throw stones on the 2. enemy, omg wtf ffs ! ! !

oupper - 25 Mar 2011

the game does not work on KAM remake
and that's nasty
because they are much nicer to play is something to be done?

I know it is an old topic
but I think it's a Campaign is fun so I just ask
because I believe that other maps do not work

the KAM-remake cam from [url]http://krom.reveur.de/[/url]

chalicek - 25 Mar 2011

It is very good campaign - hard difficulty... But in the last scenario, trees, wine or wheat don't grow in southern area, later - serfs don't carry stone to make causeways in these southern area (where are two hills with gold - I cannot win if I don't mine it) and towers and crossbowmen don't shoot to enemy... It's so frustrating, when I am so far in this scenario... Unfortunately I tried to start few times, but after some time - same bugs... Some tips and tricks guys? Or It's hopeless?

chalicek - 25 Mar 2011

I'm sorry, I read all above... It's a shame, that the last scenario is bugged... After 3 hours, when I stabilized defense...

Ben - 26 Mar 2011

@ Dark Lord
Any luck on finding those briefings? ;)

LuongDK - 14 Apr 2011

I completed mission 11, very hard and nice mission. But I face the same above error when moving to mission 12, trying to patch with newest patch

Thanks to Dark Lord

MiladA. - 28 May 2011

I wanted to make a mission with your editor, but when I wanted to test it, I could see for five seconds just the card and then stood you have won.
Help me
PS: i am from austria but i play the englisch version

Ben - 9 Jun 2011


Sounds like you are not renaming the mission properly. Make sure that if, for example, you are over writing mission1.dat that you spell it exactly like that.

luilu3 - 9 Aug 2011

bonjour je suis bloquer a la mission 17 dans knights and merchants the peasant rébellion quelqu'un peut m'aider sil vous plait

GreatWhiteBear - 23 Sep 2011

My little brother just played it and he just walked passed the enemy with his axeman, destroyed the green camp and destroyed the black camp. What is going on?

The Dark Lord - 24 Sep 2011

Sounds like the AI stopped working or something. I think he should restart the mission if he wants to have a bit of a challenge.
On the other hand, I heard it is indeed possible to sneak into the green base and destroy it. It's only the first mission though and it doesn't have to be very hard, so I don't really bother changing that.

Ben - 2 Oct 2011

Well, here I am again, feeling the knights and merchants.

I've played this campaign many times, but I think I will write reviews this time...
However, I think I will release them all at once. Otherwise, there will be several comments in between my reviews and I wouldn't like that...what do you think, Dark Lord?

The Dark Lord - 2 Oct 2011

I love reviews but if you rather give them all at once then that's fine with me. :)

Ben - 5 Oct 2011

Ah, yes, mission 10. This is when the campaign gets tough.
How I love and hate this mission. It is in this so much fun, but I must admit I have never beat this mission.
I might add that I am not using ANY saves (other then to quit and finish later) in this attempt at your campaign. In other words, I am not loading it back if things get dicey.

I must say, this is going to take QUITE some time.

The Dark Lord - 5 Oct 2011

That's very brave, I never tried that. Good luck, I guess you will need it. :p

Ben - 9 Oct 2011

Well I'm getting a little upset with mission 12...and I haven't even stated yet :p

Yes, it is crashing. I have tried renaming it to mission0, smission1, smission2, tried renaming the map, tried loading the mission and saving it as something else, and even tried adding some stuff to the script, but no, nothing worked 9I changed the script back to normal, by the way)
Anyway I was looking forward to this. This mission 12 glitch alludes me. I want to take a look into it.

The Dark Lord - 9 Oct 2011

Strange, you didn't experience this problem before did you?!

The Dark Lord - 9 Oct 2011

Btw, could you add !CLEAR_UP 255 to the human player and see if it works then?

Ben - 9 Oct 2011

No, but this is the first time I've gotten this far in the "non beta" version.

By the way, I'm still amazed with this campaign. I thank thee, Dark Lord, for all the hard work you put into this campaign.

Ben - 9 Oct 2011

Oh, I'll check later to see if that works. I'm busy at the moment ;)

Ben - 11 Oct 2011

Hey Dark Lord, would you like a review like the one I did for 'The Western World' or one like the one I wrote for 'Rebellion in Ireland? (http://lewin.hodgman.id.au/kam/index.php?go=knights_and_merchants_editor_missions_detail&Mission=47)

The Dark Lord - 12 Oct 2011

Reviews like the one for The Western World are fine. :)

DarkGreen (Ciemnozielony) - 13 Oct 2011

Hi, i have a question - whether this campaign is only 16 missions that will be more? Sorry for the composition of words, but I do not know very well English and I wrote in Google Translate.

The Dark Lord - 13 Oct 2011

Yes, this campaign is 'only' 16 missions. However, there is a sequel called 'The Western World'.

Ben - 14 Oct 2011

So after playing this campaign several times, I thought this time I'd do something different: I decided to play each missions using no saves.If I suffered losses, I didn't quit. If I lose my city, I'd start over. It makes the game SO much more fun! I wish I tried this sooner and I recommend it to everyone who likes a challenge.

Mission 1) The mission was perfect. It took me only one try. This mission will always be a sentimental one for me because it was the first fan-made mission I played. No complaints on the map or script.

Mission 2) Took me one try. I lost my beginning army after using them to cut down the enemy. I quickly was able to train more militia so I continued to harass the enemy till I won. Again, good map and script.

Mission 3) Took me three tries, although I'm sure I could have won each time. I just wanted to save all my ally's buildings while attacking the enemy as soon as possible. I seemed to have a hard time paying attention to both me and my ally. I also noticed a mistake: there is seemingly a missing building in the south-east corner of the Castellan's base, next to the storehouse. Other than that I would only like to say I though the 'road' was a little flat in some spots (a road would be torn up from use, right?) and the sand in the south didn't blend perfectly.

Mission 4) Took me three tries, with a glorious victory on my last attempt. This mission seems like chaos, but there are, indeed, tactics that are needed to win. Again I must stress the flatness of the road, this time in the West.

Mission 5) One thing I quickly noticed about this mission is the small amount of supplies and large number of troops you start with. Instead of quickly training troops, I concentrated on building an economy. I still suffered from a famine; though, as I failed to notice how little flour I was producing. After the early battles were over, the attacks were few and far between (I was only attacked twice after the first half-hour or so) so I was easily able to defend myself while defeating the closer base before they became too strong.

Mission 6) Hey! It only took me one try. How lucky could I get? Normally I have a hard time with this one (since luck is big due to the lack of room) but I remembered how to position my troops (from earlier attempts at this mission) for the best results. The map was good. Small, but good.

Mission 7) Took me one try. This mission was always one of my favorites. The small amount of gold available presents an interesting challenge to the mission. I started to panic when I noticed my food stores were running low and with hardly enough gold to make it though a famine), but I was able to get my food stocks up again before catastrophe struck.

Mission 8) This mission used to be extremely hard for me, but this time it took me only one try. I assume that it is because I used to try to save the rebels (I only now realized that not every black soldier needed to be killed) No complaints on the map or script.

Mission 9) I had a hard time with this mission. After several different attempts at storming the front gate, I always seemed to lose at the end by the slightest of marg


The Outer Colony - The Assassin The winner of the Best New Mission competition 2008       3.7 Thunderwolf

On The Way Second place in the competition       4.6 Phiona

An Island of Bandits Third place in the competition       3.7 Merchator

Single Mission
Brothers 4th place in the competition. Part six of Kamyk's campaign, The Testament       3.6 Kamyk

Single Mission
Si'etura 5th place in the competition       4.1 Bolgaren

Single Mission
The Prison 6th place in the competition. A hard mission       4.1 CH

Single Mission
A Busy Day Your father, the king is ill and now you must run the kingdom for one day       3.5 Merchator

All Fighting
Race Against the Clock Defend an enormous city against an opponent       4.4 The Dark Lord

The Loss of the Black Knight Stop The Black Knight from capturing your kingdom!       3.8 Koersje

Single Mission
Smart Another tricky mission from the master       3.9 Nick

The Outer Colony Thunderwolf's long awaited campaign, still under development       4.4 Thunderwolf

Single Mission
Enemy Lands A new mission on an old map       3.7 Ben
 Multiplayer Fair Multiplayer Mission This mission is made with the purpose of a fair multiplayer map       3.7 Nick

Single Mission
Revenge Seek Revenge upon your Father's death       4.3 Ben

Single Mission
The Dark Horizon This is the first mission in my campagin "The Dark Horizon"       3.3 Ben

Single Mission
Mission Impossible The name says it all       3.9 Nicolae

Single Mission
Survivor You must destroy all opponents to survive       3.7 ctoeb

Single Mission
A Public Nussance Finally a map designed for TSK!       2 Nicolae

Single Mission
Big City You must defend a huge city       3.5 Matt

Vortamic Winner of the Christmas mission competition       4.5 Ben

Intermediary Second place in the Christmas mission competition       4.1 The Dark Lord

The Christmas Setup Third place in the Christmas mission competition       3.8 Thunderwolf

Single Mission
Dark Age Warfare Fourth place in the Christmas mission competition       3 Nicolae

Single Mission
Pursuit Fifth place in the Christmas mission competition       4 Grayter

Single Mission
The River of Gods Sixth place in the Christmas mission competition       3.6 Kamyk

Single Mission
The Defence of Vault We have received a most grave message from the mountain village of Vault       3.8 -JT-

Single Mission
Valley The enemy waits for you on the other side of the valley...       3.7 tib0

Single Mission
Stuck in the Middle You have built your town in a war zone between 4 rival kingdoms       4.4 Matt

All Fighting
Trade Routes Lately our trade has not been making it to the neighboring towns       3.4 Judy S.

The Dark Kingdom King Eric has banished us to exile       3.5 Nicolae

The Great Escapade After the storm our ship was crushed on the mystery island!       4.4 Alanbach

Single Mission
Barbarian Cleansing Barbarians have raided the castle       4.1 Ben

All Fighting
Battle in the Pass 7th mission in Ben's campaign "The Dark Horizon"       3.5 Ben

Single Mission
Three Enemies Yet another mission using Nick's popular map "Smart"       4 zoli456

The Clash of Herb Island Restore peace to Herb Island       3.9 Vas

Rebellion in Ireland UPDATE! A campaign with 8 missions       3.7 Skilldragon

Single Mission
Alcatraz All of your labourers have been imprisoned and your school house destroyed       3 Matt

Single Mission
Over the River There are two opponents on the other side of the River       4 Skilldragon

Single Mission
Across the Bridge UPDATE! This is a simple but challenging mission against 3 different players       3.5 Thanatos

Single Mission
Deportation (beta version) A hard and interesting mission for players who want to test their skills in KaM       3.7 Thanatos

Single Mission
Kaliox The History of Kaliox       4.6 Skilldragon

All Fighting
The Crusade A battle in the desert       4.5 Skilldragon

For King and Country UPDATE V3 Fight for your homeland in this campaign with 14 missions       4.6 Ben

The Great Escape Winner of the Battle Mission Competition 2009       4.1 Joker

To the Capital Second place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       4.3 Gogoud (@rTeq)

Armageddon Third place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       3.7 Grayter
Fourth The Horde Fourth place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       3.3 Nicolae

All Fighting
No Other Way Fifth place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       3.3 Humbelum

All Fighting
The Island Sixth place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       3.5 Lewin and Mitchell

All Fighting
Mountain Rescue Seventh place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       3.5 Matt

All Fighting
Icehot Eighth place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       3.5 Marco

All Fighting
The Way to Crawford Improved Nineth place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       4.6 Skilldragon

All Fighting
Battle at the Sterling River Tenth place in the Battle Mission Competition 2009       4.6 Swampfox

The Visican Wars Updated The first three missions of this new campaign       3 Bolgaren

Single Mission
Old Friend, New Foe You are the most feared king, king randolf and you have set sail to new lands.       4.5 Max

Single Mission
Back to Square One After defeating your rivals once, you. must do it again!       4 Max

Single Mission
Norway Attack Norway comes and makes problems       4.5 Skilldragon

Single Mission
In the Forest What lies beyond the forest?       4 Andronikos

Single Mission
In the Middle You have 1 hour to prepare       4.4 zoli456

Single Mission
Forgotten A random mission I made some time ago       4 Hellracer

Single Mission
Defend the Base Three other land lords have made a consperiancy to defeat you       3.5 Dielis

All Fighting
Very Hard A difficult battle mission       4 Vincoce

Single Mission
The Hard Trial Your target is to defend your ally and defeat your two enemies       3.5 Andronikos

Single Mission
Highlands You start with only a storehouse and should build up your town while your ally protects you       4.4 Andronikos

Single Mission
Attack of the Kingdom This mission is very hard but isn't impossible       4 The French

All Fighting
Barbarian Invasion A remake of TSK mission 13       2.5 AvB

Single Mission
Age of War You must defeat two opponents, however you have an ally       4.3 Maxi

Single Mission
Shallows In a far region of the kingdom a formerly loyal aristocracy started a rebellion       4 Andronikos

Single Mission
Little Village Protect your village from the attack of the brown soldiers       3.7 Maxi

Single Mission
Land of Colonisation You and your allies found a pretty land. But you aren't in this land alone...       3.9 AvB

Single Mission
The River Very Simple: Destroy all your enemies       3.9 Hellracer

All Fighting
Die for your King We will die with glory for our land and our king!       4 AvB

Single Mission
The Other Side You will fight with Wales against the troops of the Baron Alliance       4.3 Skilldragon

Single Mission
Raiding Party This is a hard mission with a long story       4.3 Andronikos

The Western World The 10 mission long sequel to The New Lands       4.3 The Dark Lord

All Fighting
A Battle Through Water A big battle between the water       3.3 Marco

The Cruel King The 20 mission long prequel to The Shattered Kingdom       4.3 Gogoud

United Kingdom UPDATE Once the kingdom was united. But after King's death feuding began, which resulted in the kingdom disintegrating       4.3 Kirelareus

United Kingdom 2: In search of a traitor UPDATE The continuation of the first campaign       4.2 Kirelareus

Single Mission
Across the River The adjacent mainland remain uninhabited and inaccessible with minerals in large quantities       3.9 War_Its_Life

Single Mission
The Battle for the City UPDATE! 1 vs 7       4.3 Relax
 Multiplayer Battle in the Ruined City My multiplayer mission 2x2       4.3 War_Its_Life

Single Mission
The Order Defeat 2 enemies       3.9 Hellracer

Single Mission
A Farmer's Wish The small farmer village has been threatened       3.7 Hellracer

Single Mission
Eve's Domination Your father has sent you to the outer walls of his kingdom to defeat Eve!       4.3 MrB


I am sorry for the huge delay in judging and releasing the results of the Battle Competition, the third and most sucessful competition I have run. I thought the 10 missions entered (almost double the number of previous competitions) were of a high standard and I found it very difficult deciding on the ranking. I feel sorry for the people who did not win, so much so that I have decided to changed the way the competitions are judged. The judges will still review each element of the mission, but there will be no overall rating to compare the missions. Instead each mission will win a different prize such as best map, most original, most entertaining, etc. I hope this will reduce the compeditiveness and make the competition more enjoyable for everyone, including us judges!

Although it may sound cliche I would like to say that everyone who entered is a winner and I greatly enjoyed playing every single one of your missions. Well done!

Keep up the great work and watch out for another competition mid 2010.
Until then, keep making your missions and campaigns and playing this game we all love.
15th January 2010.

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