KaMEdit-0.9.zip Troops now displayed on map and many bugs fixed

KaMEdit-0.8.5.zip Adds AI defence positions to the map and supports attacks better
KaMEdit-0.8.zip Fixed a huge number of bugs reported mainly be kuba11100.
KaMEdit-0.7.zip Fixed an important crash bug and added clear ups and center screen to the map.
KaMEdit-0.6.8.zip Fixed a major memory leak that might also improve performace some more. Units and animals are now displayed/placed on the map.
KaMEdit-0.6.zip Huge performance and memory usage improvements. Added jokes/hints display while loading. Minor bug fixes.
KaMEdit-0.5.zip Now has a partially working GUI. You can place villages on the map, but nothing else. Translations are not up to date.
KaMEdit-0.4_BETA.zip This version now uses a tree view instead of just text. May contain bugs and translations are incomplete.
KaMEdit-0.3_BETA.zip This version can load and display maps but the translations are not fully working. It cannot do anything else useful.
KaMEdit-0.2.zip Now has the following translations: German, Polish, Dutch and Bosnian. There is also a help file.
KaMEdit-0.1.7.zip New buttons work including add group. The replace dialog now works as well. Lots of little bugs and features.
KaMEdit-0.1.6.zip All commands are now working! Lots of other fixes too.
KaMEdit-0.1.5.zip Lots of AI new buttons now work. You can pass a file to open as the parameter.
KaMEdit-0.1.4.zip Lots of new buttons work including goals. Added main menu.
KaMEdit-0.1.3.zip Lots of new buttons work. Bugs/small fixes.
KaMEdit-0.1.2.zip The edit line button works (also CTRL+E). Unit at storehouse now works too.
KaMEdit-0.1.1.zip Now has Syntax highlighting and keeps track of the file you are editing. Usable for just editing files as text.
KaMEdit-0.1.zip This version is not very good. Opening/Saving works but some of the buttons don't. The full version will have a GUI.